Jan 28

The All Good Copy

The All Good Copy
C4Di – 15th May – 15:00 Start

The All Good Copy Podcast is about copywriting, marketing and creativity hosted by best-selling author and expert copywriter, Glenn Fisher.

Featuring guests such as Vikki Ross, Cindy Gallop, Ryan Wallman, Nils Leonard, Trevor Robinson OBE and Rory Sutherland, the show has quickly become a ‘must-listen’ for creatives across the advertising and marketing industries. As well as the open and insightful discussions Glenn has with each guest, random interludes featuring characters such as Brad Platitudes, David Bartlett and Tony Voice, together with off-kilter musical numbers makes each episode an exciting and often unhinged surprise. Now the show is hitting the road and is being recorded live in front of intimate audiences around the country. It promises to be an afternoon to remember, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Glenn’s guest will be Lee Davies the creative director at Peter & Paul and an all round good egg.