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The Brain Jar

The Brain Jar is a cocktail and pizza bar in Old Town, Hull. A public space that aims to nurture independent art and autonomous culture. Their goal is to create a third place in people’s lives between work and home which encourages conversation, the interaction of differing ideas, and a proactive approach to tackling the challenges that we face together. We love to host the celebration of creativity within our community.
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C4DI is a privately run technology incubator. We help tech companies grow, and traditional businesses innovate.

One of the best things about the C4DI is the community of talented people. From designers, to hardware specialists, technologists, marketeers and developers, everyone works and together to help businesses become more successful.

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Union Mash Up

The UMU building is located at the heart of Princes Avenue featuring, Art, Cinema, Comedy, Music, Poetry, Theatre.
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The Gulbenkien Centre

Based at The University of Hull, this theatre has pioneered a new flexible stage and auditorium arrangement that was all the rage in 1967. According to the society it is “highly influential” and of “considerable historic interest.” It was designed by Peter Moro and Partners and opened in 1967.

Hull City Hall

The Hull City Hall holds numerous and varied events ranging from the Classics Orchestral Concert series to pop concerts, comedy, conferences, exhibitions and degree ceremonies.
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